Computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system (CCLAD System) with many advantages

Offer your patients a gentle and painless dental injection – and enjoy a relaxed and ergonomic working position. The patient’s comfort is increased and the trust between you and your patients will be strengthened.


Dentists statements about painless dental injections with CALAJECT™

Advantages of CALAJECT™

Why should you consider painless dental injections with CALAJECT™?

There are several of good reasons, why you should choose painless dental injection with CALAJECT™. Here is an overall overview of the experiences that dentists have made.

Why perform CCLAD with CALAJECT™?

In this video, you can see how the Danish Dentist Anders Boel uses CALAJECT™ and he explains why he uses CALAJECT™ in his own dental practice.

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Painless dental injection with CALAJECT™

CALAJECT™ helps you deliver painless anesthetic injections. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle flow of anesthesia. So controlled that even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient.

CALAJECT™ helps you to perform all common local anesthesia (LA) methods in dentistry

CALAJECT™ is a versatile CCLAD System for all LA methods: Intraligamental, Palatal, Infiltration and Regional nerve block.

Program 1: Intraligamental
Program 1: Palatal
Program 2: Infiltration
Program 3: Regional nerve block

CALAJECT™ is easy to operate

CALAJECT™ CCLAD system consists of three units: Control unit, Handpiece incl. stand and foot pedal. The three units are simple to operate. Characteristic of all of them is their minimalist design, which makes them easier and faster to clean and more durable, as the units do not consist of lots of loose parts, but large surfaces.

Control unit

Handpiece with Stand


Top Award Winner

We are proud that CALAJECT™ has received Dental Advisors finest acknowledgement as the “Top Award Winner – Anesthetic Device” for the third year in a row!

CALAJECT™ was evaluated by six Clinical Consultants and used 153 times in total. You can read the full evaluation report here.

The highlighted features were:

  • Ergonomic unit with small footprint
  • Good visual displays and auditory signal
  • Controls flow of local anesthetic
  • Automated aspiration

This is what the test participants say about CALAJECT™

Is CALAJECT™ right for you?

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Internationally recognized

We can reveal that CALAJECT™once again received international recognition. CALAJECT™ has won these Awards:

Catapult Vote of Confidence 2024

Dental Advisor Top Award Winner 2022, 2023 & 2024

Dentistry Today – Top 50 Technology Products 2023

Dentistry Today – Top Innovative Product 2022, 2023 & 2024

Dentistry Today – Top 50 Technology Products 2022

Dental Products Report – Top 100 editors choice 2022

Reddot award winner 2014 

We are very grateful for these recognitions

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