Computer assisted local anaesthesia

Offers your patients a gentle and pain-free injection
– and yourself a relaxed and better working position!

Top Award Winner 2022

We are proud to announce that our device for computer-assisted local anesthesia, CALAJECT™, has received the esteemed recognition “2022 Top Award Winner – Anesthetic Device” by Dental Advisor. CALAJECT was evaluated by six consultants and used 153 times in total. You can read the evaluation report here.

The highlighted features were:

  • Ergonomic unit with small footprint
  • Good visual displays and auditory signal
  • Controls flow of local anesthetic
  • Automated aspiration

The comments were:

About the products

Pain-free injection with CALAJECT™

CALAJECT™ helps you deliver pain free injections. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle flow of anaesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient. The light pen grip provides a relaxed working position and good finger support shows where the needle can be kept perfectly still in situ.

Program 1: Intraligamental
Program 1: Palatal
Program 2: Infiltration
Program 3: Regional nerve block
Simple and versatile use

One instrument for performing all dental local anaesthesia. Program for intraligamental injections, infiltrations and regional nerve blocks.

Cost effective in use

No additional costs for special consumables. Used with standard dental needles and cartridges.

Control unit
Handpiece and stand
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