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Easy and effortless application of prefilled unit-dose tips.

Composite gun for effortless, direct application of composite materials in standard tips – gentle to hand and wrist.




The applicator has an ergonomically designed finger grip with a gearing that makes it easy to apply even high viscous composite materials. Gentle to hand and wrist.


  • Easy and quick replacement of the tip due to the unique (patented) clip-in lock system.
  • No piston drawback – just snap in and go!
  • The tip can be rotated in all directions – and is safely fixed.
  • Takes universal pre-filled unit-dose tips.
  • Easy extrusion, no matter viscosity.
  • Made from high grade, acid resistant stainless steel.
  • Sterilize in an autoclave. Please read the operating instructions for further details.
  • 5-year guarantee on material and construction.


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