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Composite instruments

Tactile and flexible silicone instruments.



Tactile and flexible silicone instrument

Ideal for adaptation of composite and glass ionomer materials in small multiple layers (The stratification method). The replaceable silicone tips are made of non-stick, soft silicone material – works like a small brush.

    • Handles are lightweight and thin as pencils to secure the best possible tactile feel.
    • Tips are made from a non-stick silicone material – handles of stainless steel.
    • Handle and tips can be Sterilized in an autoclave. Please read the operating instructions for further details.


Packaging – set:

1 straight handle with two brush shaped tips.

1 angled (60°) handle with two conical, rounded tips.


Handles are also available as single packs. Straight or angled.

Silicone tips are available in sets of two. Conical or brush shaped.



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