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Jar for heating composite tips - and for composite placed directly.

To be placed on the EASE-IT Heating unit.
Comes with a sterilizable inner plate and a light protecting lid to prevent premature curing.




The jar is placed on Ease-It™ Heating unit. It comes with a sterilizable inner plate. The lid has a blue-light filter that prevents premature curing of the composite material.
Once heated the jar can be removed from the heating unit and placed in convenient distance to the chair.

  • Softens the composite, making it easier to adapt in thin layers and in small cavities.
  • Reduces the risk of incorporating air bubbles in the material.
  • Even grainy and highly viscous composites become shiny, smooth and manageable.
  • Has no negative impact on the composite – See test from the School of Dentistry, Copenhagen University.


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