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EASE-IT™ Heating unit

Offers gentle heating and easier handling of the composite.

With electronic temperature control, 40° – 60°C / 104°- 140°F. For use with EASE-IT™ Thermo-Block or Jar.

Jar, Thermo-Block combi holder, Thermo-Block syringe holder are sold seperately.



EASE-IT™ Heating unit

EASE-IT™ composite heater is a versatile system for preheating composite restorative materials.

The heating makes it easier to apply the composite in thin layers and in small cavities and reduces the risk of incorporating air bubbles in the material.

Two tops are available – a syringe holder and a jar for warming unit-dose tips or composite placed directly.
Temperatures between 40-60°C can be selected.

  • Heating unit with electronic temperature control.
  • Temperature can be set between 40° – 60°C (104°- 140°F) – according to chosen material and individual preference.
  • The built-in LED indicator will turn from yellow to green at the reach of the selected temperature.
  • Has no negative impact on the composite – See test from the School of Dentistry, Copenhagen University.

Jar, Thermo-Block combi holder, Thermo-Block syringe holder are not included, but sold seperately.

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Painless dental injection with CALAJECT™

The CALAJECT™ system can be set to: Intraligamental, Palatal, Infiltration and Regional nerve block.
The Touch Screen is easy and simple to operate, and it displays the actual injection pressure.
CALAJECT™ switches off automatically in case of excessive resistance in the tissue. The CCLAD system is operated by a separate footswitch.
The Handpiece and Stand are sound and vibration free. The Handpiece has automatic aspiration when pressure on the footswitch is released.
The Injection Pen is controlled by a small computer, so you just need to hold the pen.
CALAJECT™ uses standard dental needles and cartridges.

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