Terms of Sale and Delivery

1. Scope
By accepting these sales and delivery terms, the Buyer confirms that they are a dental professional authorized to purchase dental products for professional use. RØNVIG Dental Mfg. A/S (hereinafter also referred to as the Seller) refrains from conducting transactions with private consumers.

2. Validity
These sales and delivery terms apply to all sales, and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing.

3. Prices
3.1 If the Seller makes an offer without specifying a particular acceptance period, the offer will expire, if acceptance is not received by the Seller, within 4 weeks from the date of the offer.

3.2 All prices in RØNVIG Dental’s webshop are in EUR including 25% Danish VAT. As private practicing dental clinics located in the European Union are obliged to pay Danish VAT for goods shipped from Denmark, the order confirmation and invoice will show the net amount excl. VAT and a total gross amount incl. VAT.
The Buyer is obligated to accept unforeseen price changes due to documented increased costs for the Seller, because of changes in exchange rates, customs duties, taxes, fees, etc., which may occur prior to the agreed delivery date.

3.3 The Seller will send an Order Confirmation to the Buyer before the goods are dispatched.

4. Shipping
A fixed shipping fee will be invoiced to the Buyer.

Goods are delivered by Seller in a traceable shipment, in accordance with Intercoms, FCA free carrier terms. The Buyer assumes responsibility for delivery from the customs port to their specified delivery address.

5. Payment
Payment is required with a credit card. We accept VISA and Mastercard. The credit card payment transaction will take place on the date of dispatch, found on the Invoice.

5.2 The Buyer is not entitled to offset any counterclaims against the Seller that are not acknowledged in writing by the Seller, nor has the right to withhold any part of the purchase price due to counterclaims of any kind.

5.3 Online payment: we accept VISA and Mastercard. The amount is charged only when the goods are dispatched.

6. Retention of Title
6.1 The Seller reserves the right of ownership of the sold goods, with the limitations imposed by mandatory legal rules, until the entire purchase price, including accrued costs, is paid to the Seller or to the party to whom the Seller has transferred their rights, according to § 12.

6.2 If goods (e.g. an accessory) are sold with the intention of later assembled onto or combination with other goods (e.g. a dental device), the sold goods are not subject to the retention of title once incorporation or combination has taken place.

7. Delivery
7.1 Delivery takes place from the Seller’s address, regardless of whether the Seller uses their own personnel or a third party by separate agreement with the Buyer to deliver the sold goods to the Buyer.

7.2 The delivery date stated in the Seller’s Order Confirmation is set to the best of their estimation based on the conditions existing at the time of the agreement. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, a delay in the delivery time by up to 14 days due to the Seller’s circumstances is considered timely delivery, and the Buyer cannot exercise any rights against the Seller due to this delay.

7.3 If the delivery is delayed due to circumstances stated in section 9.3, the delivery time is extended by the duration of the hindrance, but both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement without liability if the hindrance lasts more than 3 months. This provision applies regardless of whether the cause of the delay occurs before or after the agreed delivery date. The Seller must inform the Buyer of changes in delivery date without undue delay in such cases.

8. Defects and Complaints
8.1 Upon delivery, the Buyer must immediately inspect the sold goods as required by proper business practice. Any goods received with damage/suspected damage occurred during delivery, must be reported (claimed) within 10 working days.

8.2 If the Buyer wishes to submit a warranty claim, they must notify the Seller in writing as soon as possible. The Buyer shall define the nature of the defect, within the claim/correspondence.

8.3 The Seller is the only authorized service repair center. The Seller has at their discretion, the option to repair or replace the sold good for approved warranty work and/or service repairs.

8.4 If remediation or replacement according to section 8.3 is not done within a reasonable time period, the Buyer is entitled to cancel the agreement, demand a price reduction, or claim compensation, adhering to Danish Law and these sales and delivery terms.

8.5 Buyer alterations to the devices will default the products warranty and will release the Seller from any obligation.

9. Limitation of Liability
A claim for damages against the Seller cannot exceed the invoice amount for the sold item.

9.2 The Seller is not liable for loss of operations, loss of profits, or other indirect losses in connection with this agreement, including indirect losses resulting from delays or defects in the sold goods.

9.3 Neither Party shall be liable for failure of or delay in performing obligations set forth in this Agreement, and neither shall be deemed in breach or its obligations, if such failure or delay is due to natural disasters or any causes (Such as riots, labour conflicts, etc.), beyond the reasonable control of either Party.

9.4 The Seller must inform the Buyer in writing without undue delay if circumstances as mentioned in section 9.3 occur.

10. Returns
Generally, delivered goods cannot be returned as the transaction is between two businesses and involves medical equipment for professional use. Returns may only be made after prior written agreement with Seller and at the Buyer’s expense and risk. If Seller accepts the return of the goods, it is on the condition that the product has not been used on patients and is returned undamaged an in original packaging. Seller reserves the right to charge a return fee.

10.2 Traded Products that are Special Orders, cannot be returned to the Seller.

10.3 Items must be cleaned/sterilized and packed in the original packaging, prior to shipping their return to the Seller. The package must be sent at the Buyer’s expense and risk as a traceable shipment. The Seller will cover the costs of return shipping to the Buyer, upon completion og repair warranty work.

11. Product Liability
Product liability is governed by the applicable rules in Danish Law. To the extent that mandatory legal rules do not state otherwise, the Seller is not liable for loss of operations, loss of profits, or other indirect losses.

12. Transfer of Rights and Obligation
The Seller is entitled to transfer all rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party.

13. Disputes
Any disagreement between the parties shall be settled according to Danish law. The dispute must be settled in the first instance within the Danish court system.