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Injection syringe with extra powerful aspiration

Achieve an extra aspiration possibility with ASPIJECT® PLUS regardless of the cartridge brand used.



ASPIJECT® PLUS dental syringe

There are many brands of dental anesthetic cartridges worldwide, and not all are suitable for selfaspiration in a standard ASPIJECT®.
The properties of the cartridge’s rubber plunger may vary from brand to brand.
ASPIJECT® PLUS features an extra aspiration possibility which is completely independent of the elastic properties and friction of the rubber plunger. By pressing the aspiration disc, a very clear aspiration result is produced, regardless of used cartridge brand.

The ASPIJECT® PLUS cartridge syringe features a unique ergonomic design that provides optimal balance and tactile control during the injection.

In addition, ASPIJECT® PLUS features:

  • Well-known quality and very long lifetime
  • Five-year warranty on material and construction defects
  • Made of acid-resistant stainless steel and heat-resistant thermoplastic
  • Tolerates processing in washer-disinfector and autoclave


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Painless dental injection with CALAJECT™

The CALAJECT™ system can be set to: Intraligamental, Palatal, Infiltration and Regional nerve block.
The Touch Screen is easy and simple to operate, and it displays the actual injection pressure.
CALAJECT™ switches off automatically in case of excessive resistance in the tissue. The CCLAD system is operated by a separate footswitch.
The Handpiece and Stand are sound and vibration free. The Handpiece has automatic aspiration when pressure on the footswitch is released.
The Injection Pen is controlled by a small computer, so you just need to hold the pen.
CALAJECT™ uses standard dental needles and cartridges.