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Luxator® P Series

A new generation of luxators.

Set of 4 instruments, titanium coated stainless steel.



Luxator® P Series

A new generation of extraction instruments.

The Luxator P-series offers the advantage of working with a penholder grip giving increased tactility, an important feature as these new instruments are thinner and sharper than the original Luxator instruments.

Initiating the extraction process with the P-series range will simplify the work considerably.

4 good reasons for using the Luxator® P series:

  • Probe and separating
  • Minimum power required
  • User friendly instruments
  • Easy to cut the periodontal ligaments

The blades of these instruments are hardened with a titanium coating but may only be used to cut the periodontal ligament, and never to elevate the tooth.

The penholder grip secures a good sight and an increased tactility.

All Luxator® instruments are made in Sverige by Directa.


Set of 4 instruments, titanium coated stainless steel:

Luxator P1, straight blade, dark green
Luxator P2, inverted curved, light blue
Luxator P3, contra angle, dark blue
Luxator P4, dual edge, lilac

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Painless dental injection with CALAJECT™

The CALAJECT™ system can be set to: Intraligamental, Palatal, Infiltration and Regional nerve block.
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