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Physics® Forceps Standard Set

Pliers for upper and lower jaw

Includes 4 instruments and 24 Bumper Guards.



Physics® Forceps Standard Set

The Physics® Forceps are an atraumatic extraction system that provides a simple, predictable, and unconventional method of extracting teeth.

How does it work?
The Physics Forceps® operate as an elevator, rather than forceps, using first-class lever mechanics. One handle is connected to a “bumper,” which acts as the fulcrum, that is placed deep in the vestibule. The other handle is connected to the “beak,” which is positioned most often on the lingual or palatal root of the tooth into the gingival sulcus. No aspect of the instrument grasps the crown and there is no advanced elevation needed. Once the instrument is properly placed, the handles are rotated a few degrees with only wrist movement in a slow, steady and controlled manner — no squeezing!

When to use?
The Physics Forceps® are effective in most cases, including badly decayed or broken down teeth, endodontically treated teeth, fractured or fragile teeth, curved or long rooted molars and cuspids, or any tooth that would historically be challenging with conventional instrumentation. The Physics Forceps® are ideal for the implantologist who wants to preserve the surrounding bone and tissue in preparation for dental implants.

Why does it work?
The Physics Forceps® place a constant and steady load on the tooth, allowing “creep” to build, releasing hyaluronic acid, resulting in the break down of the periodontal ligaments. Studies have proven this breakdown occurs in a much faster time period than conventional methods that employ intermittent, rocking or brute strength types of forces.

Standard Series includes 4 instruments:

GMX-100UR – Upper Right
GMX-100UL – Upper Left
GMX-100UA – Upper Anterior
GMX-200LU – Lower Universal
Includes 24 sterile green Bumper Guards, disposable.

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Smertefri bedøvelse med CALAJECTTM

Computerstyret bedøvelse opleves af patienterne som smertefrie og uden ubehag, hvilket er en stor gevinst for patienter med nåleskræk og odontofobi generelt. Det er dog ikke kun patienter med tandlægeskræk, som kan have fornøjelse af elektronisk bedøvelse, men alle tandlægeklinikkens patienter.

Udover øget patientkomfort giver CALAJECTTM dig en mere afslappet og ergonomisk arbejdsstilling, da pennegrebet gør, at du let kan holde kanylen helt stille under injektionen.

Systemet kan indstilles til intraligamentær-, palatinal-, infiltrations- og ledningsanalgesi. Touchskærmen er let at betjene og viser injektionstrykket. CALAJECTTM stopper automatisk hvis modtrykket i vævet bliver for stort og systemet betjenes med separat fodkontrol. Standeren og håndstykket er lyd- og vibrationsfri og der er automatisk aspiration, når fodkontrollen slippes. Injektionspennen styres af en lille computer, så du bare skal holde pennen. CALAJECTTM bruger standard dentalkanyler og engangstubuler.

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