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SEE-IT™ Syringes - Red

Non-drip caries detector - easy to apply.

Non-drip caries detector for locating infected carious dentine and “hidden” root canal entries. Pack of 5 pcs.



SEE-IT™ - syringe of 1.4 ml

A useful little tool for distinguishing between carious dentine infused with bacteria and carious dentine which is not infected. Is also applicable for locating “hidden” root canal entries, which are difficult to identify.

  • Colors carious infected dentine that is hard to see – eg. underneath overhanging enamel.
  • Non-drip thixotropic gel – easy to handle.
  • Available in syringes of 1.4 ml (5 X 1.4 ml) – for direct application.
  • Colors: Red or blue.
  • Developed in collaboration with the Department. of Dental Materials, University of Copenhagen.


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