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WASH-TRAY™ instrument tray 1/1

A hygienic and safe instrument tray system.

Instrument tray for 20 instruments (275 x 180 mm)



WASH-TRAY™ Instrument tray 1/1

Wash-Tray™ instrument trays offer safe fixation and organization of your Instruments – by chairside and during cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Minimum handling reduces the risk of cross-contamination and protects the instruments, hence extends their lifetime.

1/1 tray for 20 instruments – 275 x 180mm.
1/2 tray for 9 instruments – 131 x 180mm.
1/4 tray for 5 instruments – 73 x 180mm.

Fits standard containers and tray-systems, dental instrument washers and autoclaves.
Made from high-grade, acid resistant stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone rubber.


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