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Connector “N”

Make it easy to install DENTO-PREP™ micro blaster

Connector for NSK (model FM-CL-M4)



Make it easy to install DENTO-PREP™ micro blaster

We have designed a range of connectors that make it easy to install DENTO-PREP™ micro blaster. For easy use at the chairside it can be connected to the turbine coupling or turbine hose – and for permanent use it can be connected directly to the compressed air.

Connection to turbine coupling.
Quick and easy access to compressed air through the turbine coupling with a quick connector. Available for Sirona, W&H, KaVo, BienAir and NSK. Content: 1 connector, 1 hose (1.5 m) and 1 quick connector.

Connection to the turbine hose.
The 4-pin MidWest connector is universal and can be screwed into all standard 4-hole air turbine hoses.

Connection directly to compressed air supply.
Permanent connection to the air supply line with an Installation Kit. Content: 1 hose, 1 tee-fitting, 1 female quick connector and 1 plug.


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Painless dental injection with CALAJECT™

The CALAJECT™ system can be set to: Intraligamental, Palatal, Infiltration and Regional nerve block.
The Touch Screen is easy and simple to operate, and it displays the actual injection pressure.
CALAJECT™ switches off automatically in case of excessive resistance in the tissue. The CCLAD system is operated by a separate footswitch.
The Handpiece and Stand are sound and vibration free. The Handpiece has automatic aspiration when pressure on the footswitch is released.
The Injection Pen is controlled by a small computer, so you just need to hold the pen.
CALAJECT™ uses standard dental needles and cartridges.